Free Apps For Pc Windows 8 Repair Tool©

Description: Free Apps For Pc Windows 8 Repair Tool©
Operating System: Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP
Downloads: 3,281,199

About the Software

Instantly Speeds Up Your PC

Regcure Pro has solutions for all of your Windows performance problems. It can scan, analyze and optimize your system’s memory use, find and remove unnecessary files cluttering your hard drive and clean your registry to resolve and prevent errors. Regcure Pro can even improve your browsing speed and protect your privacy online by clearing your web browser’s history and cache.

Regcure Pro Features:

  • Optimizes memory usage
  • Stops malware processes in their tracks
  • Finds duplicate files, temporary files and other clutter to save disk space
  • Lets you manage your start-up processes for faster boot times
  • Optimizes windows settings to increase speed and performance
  • Cleans the registry to prevent and eliminate errors
  • Fixes Windows Vista problems
  • Increases your browsing speed and protects your privacy by cleaning browsing history and cache in your web browser


Free Apps For Pc Windows 8

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